January 1, 2018


Continuous casting square steel billet:

GOST 380 (DSTU 2651) – St0-St5sp, St1-St5ps, St3Gsp, st5Gsp

GOST 1050-88 – St20, St35, St45, St50, St55

GOST 4543-71 – 20X, 30X, 40X, 45X, 40XH, 45XH, 35XGSA, 35XM

GOST 5781 – 35GS

GOST 14959-79 – 55S2, 60G, 50G, 65G, 70G, 60S2A

GOST 3-009 – St 52.3, St 44.2, St 37.0, St 37.2

ASTM A29/A29M – 1006-1055

ASTM A615/A615M – Gr40, Gr60

DIN EN 10025 – RSt 37-2, RSt 44-2, RSt 50-2, RSt 60-2, S275JO.


Geometrical dimensions of steel billet: technical requirements and tolerances:

Section, mm: 120x120, 125x125, 130x130, 135x135, 150x150

Length, mm: 6000-12000

Tolerance for width, mm: ±3,0

Tolerance for length, mm: ±100

Straightness: max 5 mm per 1 m length, except for 150 mm of butt ends

Difference of diagonals for section, mm: no more than 8

Cut slope, mm: no more than 10

Angular radius, mm: no more than 8


Surface quality:

Continuous cast square billets are supplied as-cast without surface treatment. There should be no teeming arrest, pulling traces, visible cracks on the billet surface.


Steel billet ends quality:

Oxy-fuel gas cutting may result in oxidized metal lapping on butt ends which is acceptable. Shrink holes visible without magnifying equipment on the edges after cutting are not allowed.



Continuous cast steel billets 6-12 m long are bundled with weight up to 7,0 mts each. Billets are packed in 3-4 pieces per bundle tied with wire rod in 5 places and two lifting points provided.



Each bundle is provided with a weatherproof label which should contain information about customer, order number, steel grade, heat number, sizes, number of pieces, weight, mill's name, country of origin, country of destination.


Rubble-sand composite DSTU B.V.2.7-35-95 is used:

  • for building road embankments;
  • as backfill material;
  • for territory planning and land improvement.