The main scope of the company\'s occupation covers the production of continuous casting billets and gravel-sand mixtures. The manufacturing product range meets the three international standards.

The planned production capacity of steel is 500,000 tons per year.
The most frequently produced steel is standard quality carbon steel, in particular, 3sp and 5sp grades. The mill mastered steelmaking of low-alloyed steels like 09Г2С, 55-60C2А, 35ХГСА, 10ХСНД, 35ХМ, 40Х, 40ХН, 25ХГТ, 65Г, У-7, У-8 and others.
Steel billets are cast in size range 120х120mm; 125x125mm; 130x130mm; 135х135mm; 150x150mm and of length 12000mm.
Duration of heat varies from 47 min to 55 min.